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The products included here represent a small number of the many home care products which are available. Please contact us for further information about these products or any other home medical equipment need you might have.

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Oxygen Concentrator

EverFlo™ Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

EverFlo™ Stationary Oxygen Concentrator Compact, 31 pounds, Low Maintenance

Until now, oxygen concentrators have been very similar –- heavy, bulky, noisy, or require frequent maintenance. But EverFlo from Respironics is a unique stationary concentrator that delivers the features homecare providers want and patients deserve. EverFlo reduces operating costs with a design that is:

Lightweight – only 31 lbs
Smaller and sleeker
Easy to store and transport
Low maintenance
Simpler for patients to use and maintain

Manufacturer:  Respironics

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Freestyle portable oxygen concentrator

Freestyle portable oxygen concentrator Airsep Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Light weight and portable. Accepted by most large airlines.

Manufacturer:  Airsep Corp

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Invacare 10 lpm Concentrator

Invacare 10 lpm Concentrator Introducing the new Platinum 10 concentrator. The Platinum 10 delivers the reliability, performance and value advantage you have come to expect from the Platinum line of concentrators and provides an attractive alternative to liquid systems. The Platinum 10 is available at up to 10 LPM for high flow patients, and has less than 10 parts different from the Platinum XL 5-Liter concentrators.

Manufacturer:  Invacare

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Platinum 5 Oxygen Concentrator

Platinum 5 Oxygen Concentrator Highly reliable, low-maintenance, trouble-free option. Ensures consistent, high oxygen concentrations. Flow adjustable in (1/2) liter increments to 5 lpm. Pressure-based system automatically adjusts valve cycle time. Extensive alarm and safety system protects patients. Top handle, quick access door for both filters, low flow alarm and diagnostics memory. Homefill™ II compatibility. Available with or without oxygen sensor (SensO2™) 5-year warranty.
3 and 6LPM Models also available.

Manufacturer:  Invacare

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